• All the CloudWatch Alerts for all the accounts point to a single SNS Topic in DevOps Account
  • The SNS topic triggers a Lambda that reads the message extracts the information and…

Intro AWS Network Firewall

When you should use it:

  • Explicit…

Why you need this.

  • You want to ssh in EC2 in a secure way.
  • You want to login from the internet without a VPN and don’t expose any port/public IP.
  • The traditional approach is to put the EC2 machine in the public subnet and export ssh port to the world.


  • Install the normal aws cli in your laptop
  • Install a client plugin in your laptop (available for…


Terraform VS AWS CloudFormation

Terraform Versions

  1. Terraform Open Source — Free
  2. Terraform Enterprise— Paid access but the price is not published

Strengths of Terraform vs AWS CloudFormation

  1. Syntax and code learning…

Additional Reading

Migrate Prerequisites

  • Have your code to the latest Terraform 0.11 that it is v0.11.14. If you haven’t done yet the guide to migrate to…

The Issue


Initial Configuration

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AWS DevOps Professional Certified — Book Author — Terraform Modules Contributor — AWS Tech Youtuber

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